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A transcendentally goofy play about an extraordinary woman, the American writer and feminist, Margaret Fuller. Set in an imagined America of the 1840’s, it portrays the emotional journey Margaret Fuller makes in her relationships with the iconic writers, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and Nathaniel Hawthorne.

The Persian Quarter

Poetry and politics interweave through THE PERSIAN QUARTER, which is a tale told by the 13th century Persian poet, Rumi. Rumi’s poems serve a kind of mystic guidebook , “digging a waterway” as Rumi says, through history and politics, to try to reach a another shore… another realm.

Harbur Gate

Three interconnected plays tell story of a rape which has a ripple effect on the lives of three women – soldiers in the Iraq war in 2004. The plays are intended to be performed in the following order: ORPHEUS: about two soldiers who are up for the Purple Heart; HARBUR GATE: which is set on the convoy on the night of the explosion and VETERAN IN A NEW FIELD, in which a female veteran suffering from extreme guilt and PTSD, has a kind of epiphany through the help of a blind painter.

Silent Dancer

Set in New York City in the era which invented “razzamatazz, ” the word which stands for both consummate technique… and doubletalk. It’s the first year of Prohibition, 1920, when more than alcohol is prohibited: homosexuality, interracial relationships, and independent women seeking fulfillment of their dreams. These are the same problems and issues which America continues to struggle with a hundred years later. But in SILENT DANCER, the familiar borders of expression between dialogue and dance are broken, and these conflicts and issues are re-expressed in a new, more direct and emotional way as characters dramatize dialogue not only through words, but in dance.

The Better Man

Opera libretto inspired by an actual event when polygamous wife, Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon, ran against her husband in the first state Senate election in Utah – and won.

Madera Canyon

In the early days of the pandemic, a married couple in their 60’s go on a walk in Madera Canyon to find a bird called the magnificent trogon.

The Bill and Mary Plays

Four comedic plays about a married couple’s experience during four seasons of the pandemic.


  • HORSE: Bill and Mary play a kids basketball game at a school where the kids have all been kept home.
  • SPIRAL: Bill and Mary become obsessed with a violent French cop show while they are stuck at home.
  • KARMA: Bill and Mary have their car stolen.
  • TREE: Bill and Mary go looking for a Christmas tree in the woods and try to find the Christmas spirit.

Mrs. Einstein

ONE STONE is a work of imagination inspired by historical and biographical facts. It is a play about an intimate relationship between two scientists – one who became internationally famous, and one who has been removed from history. It is a story about the deep emotional, intellectual and physical connection between Albert Einstein and the physicist Mileva Marić , who was his first wife. It dramatizes the uncredited role she played in Einstein’s breakthrough achievements, and raises questions about how gender affects the success or failure of talent. It is a historical play which leads us to ask if and how it is easier today for women in science, or in any field where they want to excel.

Here Be Monsters

Sallie, a grieving librarian from Utah, Fritz, an ambitious, insecure photographer with hot dogs, his girlfriend Ryver, who wants to make a splash on TikTok, and Ravi a very cool dive master from the islands, meet a moray eel named Murray and a honeycomb cowfish named Dhan (doesn’t have a name) on a dive off a pier in Tobago.

Late, a musical

It’s supposed to be a birthday party for Vernell, a techno-geek, and eight of his friends are gathering at the home of Billie, his lab partner, to celebrate. There’s a cake, and soft drinks and someone brings flowers, but  it also happens to be the one-year anniversary of a shooting at their school.  Vernell, and three others, aren’t alive anymore.  The other five have been trying to get on with their lives, but don’t know how.  Ryan used to be an athlete but he uses a cane now and is so angry he has driven away his beloved girlfriend, Charlotte. She barely goes to school anymore.  Makala, a prominent member of the school orchestra, hasn’t been able to play her clarinet for a year. Cole was supposed to meet his best friend Ryver on the day they came out as non-binary, but he was late and when he got to school the world was in chaos and Ryver was dead.  Together, the living and the dead remember their last day together, and the living discover the enormous power they have when they are together.  They find their way out of the hole they’ve been in and turn Vernell’s birthday into a celebration of the future when they go to park together and plant seeds for the future.  And Billie reveals an AI project she has been working on where the voices of the dead speak out to those in power.


An emotional tale full of spirits and magic set in pre-revolutionary Mexico when all-powerful dons ruled like kings. Inspired by Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, Perdida tells a story of passion, jealousy and redemption.