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Late, a musical

Book/lyrics by Kathleen Cahill, Music by Michael Wartofsky


Running time: 90min | Actors: (9)

It’s supposed to be a birthday party for Vernell, a techno-geek, and eight of his friends are gathering at the home of Billie, his lab partner, to celebrate. There’s a cake, and soft drinks and someone brings flowers, but  it also happens to be the one-year anniversary of a shooting at their school.  Vernell, and three others, aren’t alive anymore.  The other five have been trying to get on with their lives, but don’t know how.  Ryan used to be an athlete but he uses a cane now and is so angry he has driven away his beloved girlfriend, Charlotte. She barely goes to school anymore.  Makala, a prominent member of the school orchestra, hasn’t been able to play her clarinet for a year. Cole was supposed to meet his best friend Ryver on the day they came out as non-binary, but he was late and when he got to school the world was in chaos and Ryver was dead.  Together, the living and the dead remember their last day together, and the living discover the enormous power they have when they are together.  They find their way out of the hole they’ve been in and turn Vernell’s birthday into a celebration of the future when they go to park together and plant seeds for the future.  And Billie reveals an AI project she has been working on where the voices of the dead speak out to those in power.