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Silent Dancer

Developed with Cynthia Fleming. Choreography by Christopher Rudd


Running time: 90min | Actors: (6)

Set in New York City in the era which invented “razzamatazz, ” the word which stands for both consummate technique… and doubletalk. It’s the first year of Prohibition, 1920, when more than alcohol is prohibited: homosexuality, interracial relationships, and independent women seeking fulfillment of their dreams. These are the same problems and issues which America continues to struggle with a hundred years later. But in SILENT DANCER, the familiar borders of expression between dialogue and dance are broken, and these conflicts and issues are re-expressed in a new, more direct and emotional way as characters dramatize dialogue not only through words, but in dance.

Cahill leavens all of this with the time-resistant issues and social concerns found in every historical era of revolt, war, cultural shock and recession: immigration, sexual identity, sexual liberation, racism and civil rights. All of it feels historically appropriate and Cahill’s integration of the Fitzgeralds anchors Silent Dancer’s themes with satisfying effect.

—Les Roka, The Utah Review

…a scintillating hybrid.

—Daisy Blake, Gephardt Daily

Playwright Kathleen Cahill creates a world that is both life and larger than life. She uses simplicity in text and gives the chance for the movement to become a partner to her words.

—Jennifer Mustoe, Front Row Reviewers

Essential A&E Pick

—Salt Lake City Weekly