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Seven Devil’s New Play Foundry: Guest Blog: 30 Day Countdown of Gratitude

In 2019 I had the good fortune to be invited to Seven Devils Playwright Foundry to work on my play “The Robertassey.” When you write a play, you write at 2 am, and 6 am, and 4 pm and sometimes you forget there’s such a thing as fun. But they haven’t forgotten at Seven Devils. They’re completely serious about the work, but then they don’t forget about the ice cream

A Thanksgiving Letter to the President

Dear President DJT,

As we enter the Thanksgiving season, I wanted to write to say thank you. You are amazing. You have opened my eyes.

Until there was you, I believed, in my naivete, that we are a government of checks and balances in a nation of laws, laws

Silent Dancer in the Salt Lake Tribune

The Salt Lake Acting Company and playwright Kathleen Cahill are trying something different. Their new production “Silent Dancer” mixes drama and dance — but not music, for the most part.

In Salt Lake world premiere, Kathleen Cahill’s ‘Harbur Gate’ gives a voice to veterans’ stories

Utah playwright Kathleen Cahill is admittedly “eclectic” in her interests. So it’s not surprising that the inspiration for her new play, “Harbur Gate,” about to make its world premiere at Salt Lake Acting Company, came from a radio news story, a documentary film and a Winslow Homer painting. Or that “Harbur Gate” delves into an array of themes and issues, from women soldiers in the combat zone

Salt Lake Acting Company: Charm

For this interview we get to chat with the entire cast, as well as playwright Kathleen Cahill and director Meg Gibson about the play and bringing it to life.